Friday, July 13, 2012

Latest Home Brew Batch: "La Poire" Pear Saison

Summer has arrived - and since my "brewing facility" involves a 1 bedroom vintage, non-temperature controlled apartment, what better style to brew than a saison. Embrace the circumstances, right?

My recipe was a Saison Dupont Farmhouse Ale clone with Belgian yeast. I added 3 pounds of sliced pears (French style) to the secondary along with a French Oak Honeycomb from Black Swan Barrels.

Upon first, second and third taste tests I'd say the flavor is fantastic! It turned out a bit over-carbonated, so nervous about handing out bottles without a disclaimer. But upon carefully opening - it is quite enjoyable. It has a sweet aroma but the taste is quite dry, which I love - and was the reason I chose pears over other fruit.

The ingredients:

The fermentation barrel:

The label design: 

Kimski Brews rebrands to Hail 2 The Ale

What started out as a hobby has turned into more writing and consulting opportunities, so it was time to re-evaluate myself as a brand.

Anyone in a creative field will nod with empathy that designing for yourself is a challenge... i.e. "Blank Canvas Phobia". Finally after much tweaking [very technical industry terms] I decided to put it out there into the interwebs and on packaging and see if it had legs. So far, I'm pretty happy with the way it translates.

It was important to me to pay homage to Chicago, since this amazing craft beer community is really who helped me spring board my passions into something tangible.

...and since I know this question will come up, Hail 2 The Ale does not discriminate against non-ale beers. Belgians, Browns and any malty, ale yeast styles are a favorite - but I appreciate and will the taste the heck out of any craft beer you got.

Feedback welcome...

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