Friday, July 13, 2012

Latest Home Brew Batch: "La Poire" Pear Saison

Summer has arrived - and since my "brewing facility" involves a 1 bedroom vintage, non-temperature controlled apartment, what better style to brew than a saison. Embrace the circumstances, right?

My recipe was a Saison Dupont Farmhouse Ale clone with Belgian yeast. I added 3 pounds of sliced pears (French style) to the secondary along with a French Oak Honeycomb from Black Swan Barrels.

Upon first, second and third taste tests I'd say the flavor is fantastic! It turned out a bit over-carbonated, so nervous about handing out bottles without a disclaimer. But upon carefully opening - it is quite enjoyable. It has a sweet aroma but the taste is quite dry, which I love - and was the reason I chose pears over other fruit.

The ingredients:

The fermentation barrel:

The label design: