Wednesday, January 29, 2014


That's right -- this Saturday 5 Rabbit will be hosting LIVE JUDGING of the Iron Brew Homebrew Challenge with an all-star panel of judges, open to the public. Here are the details:

We will be meeting at the brewery this Saturday afternoon, February 1st 1pm-4pm. Judging will be held "live" starting at 1:30pm. The competition entry fee is $10 and drop off locations are Brew Camp and Brew and Grow (before 5pm on Friday) or you can bring them to the brewery on Saturday.

If you are submitting beer, bring your friends with you to celebrate your imminent win! If you are not submitting beer, come on over anyway. There will be no cover charge and we will have complementary snacks. Also, first pint of beer is on us!

Randy Mosher and John J Hall will be at the brewery to judge the homebrew and give brewery tours. Come on out and spend your Saturday with us!

Brewery address:
Narragansett Ave, Bedford Park, IL 60638
(312) 895-9591