Sunday, February 16, 2014

Designs That Shine: February

In a new blog series "Designs That Shine" we'll be highlighting new label designs to hit the market that we've identify as some best in class examples of strong branding and expressive story telling. One cannot argue that design is a subjective matter and these are merely our opinions, however we hope that it will engage discussions around the importance of brand presence and inspire out of the box thinking. One thing we can say with confidence is that consumers both appreciate and respond to the time it takes to be creative in a fast moving and competitive market. 

Indeed Brewing Company (MN), Let It Ride IPA. This Minneapolis based brewery collaborates with a local artist Chuck U, who's highly illustrative, story book-like style immediately draws you in. Canning their beers allow them to utilize the full 360 canvas for story telling. The whimsy and optimistic label designs are an extension of their mantra - "to tout the positive side of things, and embrace mindfulness and adventure—a feeling we’ve found plenty of here in Minnesota." Even their logo has a hint of a smile, speaking to the happiness and fun they want to share with their customers.
Goose Island Brewing Company (IL), The Illinois, Imperial IPA. The first beer in the 2014 Imperial Beer series is named after a skyscraper designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1950's. If it had been built "The Mile High Illinois" would still be Chicago's tallest building. The label design of The Illinois is inspired by the linear yet organic nature of Wright's design aesthetic.
Two Roads Brewing Company (CT), Rye 95. New England based Two Roads gives a light hearted nod to the many roads in life and take the "road less traveled" approach to the way they design and craft their beers. Rye 95 is no exception - the label is inspired by the twists and turns this complex, seasonal hybrid ale takes you on. 
Hangar 24 Brewery (CA), California Spring Beer. The California Spring Beer is being re-released as a seasonal offering, with updates to the Hanger 24 branding. Located in the air fields of Southern California, this is a brewery that takes a 360 approach to integrating their vintage industrial aesthetic from the taproom through to their website, festival displays and World's Fair poster style label art. We highly recommend following them on instagram.

Daredevil Brewing Co (IN), J.W.P. American Stout. Daredevil's brand is committed to producing "eclectic, aggressively fun craft beer" as well as design. J.W.P. Stout, recently released as their Anniversary beer, is inspired by the "wild west" with a simple, iconic approach quite different from the woodcut-style illustrated flagship beers Lift Off IPA and Rip Cord IPA. The design strikes the balance of creative confidence but the link to western pioneer, John Wesley Powell is still a bit of a mystery. Check out some of their other artwork.

*Update: we received correspondence from Shane at Daredevil with the meaning behind JWP Stout, which stands for John Wayne Pudding. You can read more here.